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Mangalore Hills - Beginning with Panache

In keeping with the vision of the nonprofit body Kanara Entrepreneurs Limited Mangalore Hills has also been conceived to promote the economic growth of the coastal region.

The Company is developing 75 acres in Mangalore, one of the largest owned by a private company.

A gated community development comprising state-of-the-art luxury villas with all global amenities is planned in 35 acres while the balance area will see commercial development that will provide education, hotels, healthcare, jobs, careers that are going to change the face of Mangalore to make it India’s new hub of industrious prosperity.

Global Indians and especially Mangloreans can now enjoy an international lifestyle they have got used to even when they return to their native-turned-‘nettive’ (increased net worth of achievers) city.

We call this intuitive vision with wide wings atop unshakable roots.


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